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Complaint filed against Rongdhanu Group Chairman Rafiq, 30 others

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Update: Saturday, June 8, 2024

A complaint has been filed accusing 31 people, including Rongdhonu Group Chairman Rafiqul Islam Rafiq, on charges of killing school student Deen Islam.

The victim’s father Billat Hossain lodged the complaint with Rupganj Police Station in Narayanganj on Friday night.

According to the statement of the complaint, last Thursday afternoon, Rafiq, also the former chairman of Kayetpara Union Parishad, his brother Mizanur Rahman Mizan, and Shafiqul Islam led an armed group to forcibly occupy the house of former UP member Mosharraf Bhuiyan in the Naora area. At that time Deen Islam and Mosharraf’s men resisted them.

At one stage, UP member Jasim Uddin Josu opened fire with a shotgun on them following Rafiq’s order. The bullet pierced Deen Islam’s stomach and chest. Deen Islam fell to the ground. Later, Mizan snatched the shotgun from Josu and shot Deen Islam in the chest.

Critically injured Deen Islam was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital, where the on-duty doctor declared him dead.

“My child had no faults!”
The grieving mother of Din Islam seeks justice amidst the village’s cry for peace and safety:

“My child, what was your fault? He used to say, ‘Mother, I will grow up to be a great person. I will end your suffering. Father will no longer have to sell fish through hardship.’ Mizan shattered my son’s dreams.”

These were the sorrowful words of Jharna Begum, mother of Din Islam, the recently graduated SSC student from Naora, who was shot and killed allegedly by Mizan on the orders of Rafiq.

Clutching her chest and weeping uncontrollably, Jharna Begum shared her grief.

Next to the Hazi Bari Mosque in Naora Moddhopara village in Kaetpara Union, the home of Din Islam was filled with men and women gathered to mourn on Friday.

The atmosphere was heavy with the cries of Din Islam’s mother, Jharna Begum, and sister, Shila Akter. The women around them were also cursing the perpetrators.

A while later, Din Islam’s father, Billat Hossain, entered the room, collapsed to the ground, and lost consciousness.

As he regained his senses after some people splashed water on his face, he burst into tears.

“My son had done nothing wrong. Why did Mizan shoot him? He used to say, ‘Father, our days of poverty will end. I will study hard and achieve great things. If not through education, I will go abroad for work.’ He worked whenever he could between his studies. I used to tell him he didn’t need to work and should focus on his studies. But he wouldn’t listen, saying, ‘Why should you suffer alone, Father?’ I know whom I have lost?” he said.

Din Islam’s sister Shila Akter said, “My brother was so gentle. He never quarrelled with anyone. He worked alongside our father. Whenever I came home from my in-laws’ house, he would ask Mother to make pitha because I loved it. Now, who will say such things? They have taken my brother away from me.”

Their mother, Jharna Begum, added, “My son dreamed of becoming a policeman after his education. He passed his SSC exam, but we planned to send him to Malaysia after Eid due to our poverty. His documents were ready, but nothing came to fruition. I hoped to see him married and have grandchildren. Now, there’s no one left to carry on our family name. Allah, please bring justice to Rafiq and Mizan.”

Several men and women who visited the house said, “Din Islam was a good boy. He studied and worked hard. He never got into any feud with others. Yet, such a boy was murdered, and Allah will bring justice.”

The locals present there long for a peaceful life and a beautiful village, free from such terror.
“We want to live a simple life. We need to be free from the tyranny of Rafiq and Mizan. They are more ferocious than tigers. They have killed several people in Naora, including a boy named Swadhin before Din Islam,” they alleged.

They also expressed their helplessness thanks to the absence of justice in previous killings.

They said, “Rafiq and Mizan boast that a single murder means nothing to them. They say they have the police in their pockets and are backed by powerful ministers and MPs. Only Allah knows who they will kill next.”

They appealed to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to end the reign of terror in Naora village.

“Our prime minister sees the suffering of the common people. We appeal to her, please save us,” they said.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in Naora remains tense, with fear spreading among the residents. Additional police have been deployed in various corners of the area. As of Friday afternoon, no case had been filed regarding the killing of Din Islam.

Deepak Chandra Saha, the Officer-in-Charge of Rupganj Police Station, said, “The situation here is under control. Police have been deployed at different spots in the area.”

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