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Sami Chisty conducts a workshop on copywriting at NDUB Language Center

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Update: Saturday, May 4, 2024

A workshop on Copywriting Part II organized by NDUB Language Center on April 30, opens a different perspective on career paths with Asst. Professor Sami Hossain Chisty where there was great enthusiasm among the students.

The workshop begins with a warm welcome from Fr. Tom McDermott, CSC, Director of NDUB Language Center, whose enthusiasm, and insightful words, set a tone for an engaging and productive session.
In this session, Sami Hossain Chisty demonstrated how an advertisement works to grab its audience’s attention. He taught the participants some hacks about producing effective taglines and slogans and other important aspects of making a copy for an advertisement.
‘It not only helped me to enhance my theoretical understanding but also equipped me with valuable skills that can create a handsome opportunity in the future,’ said Minhazul Abedin a master’s student who participated in the workshop. Other participants were also amazed by the speech of Sami Hossain Chisty as it was informative and opened a new perspective on career.
A “cookie with coffee” segment in the center ended the event with a refreshing vibe.
It is to be noted that previously the workshop titled Copywriting Part I created great enthusiasm and response among the students which enabled the success of the follow-up workshop of the series

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