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Gazi’s APS Emdadul rules Rupganj’s criminal empire

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Update: Thursday, December 28, 2023



Emdadul Haque alias Dada Emdad, assistant personal secretary (APS) of Textiles and Jute Minister Golam Dastagir Gazi, is controlling the underworld of Rupganj in Narayanganj, revealed an investigation.

He has established a reign of terror throughout the upazila with the identified terrorists. Everyone of his terrorist group faces cases.

Emdadul patronises the criminals who commit various types of crimes, including land grabbing, murder, kidnapping and rape.

Crime experts have underscored the need for bringing the listed criminals of Rupganj to book before the general election to keep the law and order stable in the important constituency closed to the capital.

Under the patronage of Emdadul, Shamser Ali Khan alias Daku Shamser of Chonpara Slum has made Rupganj a hotspot of crimes committing terrorist activities one after another.

Shamser, also a Kayetpara Union Parishad member, is accused in many cases of murder, extortion and drugs. He had been accused in 13 cases before being elected UP member.

He controls of extortion, kidnapping, murders and drug trade in the area. He forces the residents of Chonpara to engage in various crimes, including drug and arms trade.

Shamser tortured a pregnant woman, Sumaiya Akhtar, recently. He dominated the slum area by unleashing terror brandishing weapons in broad daylight.

Tawlad Member is son of Afsar Uddin of Masimpur area. He has unleashed terror in the area by committing various crimes as the ‘man of APS Emdadul’.

He is accused in two cases relating to extortion, robbery, assault with the intention to murder and possessing illegal arms. Sonargaon police has one more case and general diary (GD) against him.

Sheikh Farid Masum, son of Jahangir Alam of the area, is involved in terrorist activities, including drug and illegal arms business. He has been accused of looting public and common people’s property in different times.

Besides, he is accused in four cases lodged with Rupganj Police Station over extortion and death threats. Currently, Masum is serving as general secretary of Rupganj upazila unit of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL). He has recently gone viral with statements against the policy of Awami League and its student wing to put the upcoming parliamentary elections into question.

Ali Hossain alias Ali Banda, son of Suruj Mia Munshi of East Kaladi village, is committing various misdeeds under the umbrella of APS Emdadul. There is a case against him. Local residents accused him of being involved in land grabbing and other terrorist activities.

Ali Hossain is known as a follower of AL Kanchan municipality unit President Golam Rasul Koli. However, he is committing misdeeds under the umbrella of Emdadul.

Tofail Ahmed Almas is another terrorist in Murapara union. There are many cases against him over murder, extortion and other terrorist activities. He is the main accused in a case filed over beating and hacking Jubo League activist Sumon Mia, son of Tara Mia of Brammangaon village in Murapara, to death.

Almas is also the main accused in cases filed over the killing a BCL leader and a businessman.

He was sentenced to death over the murder of industrialist Russel Bhuiyan, the owner of Russell Park in Murapara. He was released from jail on bail despite being a condemned convict.

Almas became chairman of Murapara Union Parishad in 2016 with Awami League’s nomination cashing in on the proximity and lobbying of local political leaders.

After being elected chairman, his extortion and terrorist activities increased. There are several cases against him.

Mamun Mia is a drug and arms dealer of Masimpur area. He is involved in robbery, extortion and providing death threats, and faces several cases.

Abdul Matin is known for his terrorist activities on the north side of American City in Chonpara. He is known as a closed aide to APS Emdadul. There are several cases against him. Police sources say he is on bail in all the cases.

Mohammad Roni Mia is another criminal in Masimpur area who is better known as a drug, arms dealer and Yaba trader. He is also involved in robbery and extortion. He is an FIR-named accused in a case filed with Rupganj Police Station.

Rashedul, a resident of Mirkutirchheo, has mentioned in a complaint lodged with police that a group of 5-6 people, led by Roni, waylaid him at Mirkutirchheo intersection on August 5 this year. They hacked him in the shoulder with a motive to kill him. Roni sometimes attacked various people with the intention of creating terror.

Anisur Rahman Khokon of Kaladi village is known as his follower. Khokon also faces several cases.

Matiur Rahman, son of Abdul Latif of Kendua village, has been involved in terrorist activities from a young age.

Shafiqul Rahman Mollah’s wife Umme Kulsum, a resident of Kanchan village in Rupganj, filed a case in March 2022 where she alleged that some 8-10 people, led by Matiur, attacked her husband with sharp weapons, choppers, machetes, iron rods, steel SS pipes, sticks and indigenous weapons on February 25 the same year.

Main accused Golam Rasul strangled Shafiqul and hit him in the head with a sharp blade with the intention of murdering him, leaving him seriously injured.

Local residents say their intention is to instill fear among people through such incidents.

Another terror of Masimpur is Abdul Hamid. On June 4 this year, police seized illegal weapons and bullets, iron axes and iron pipes from him. In Murapara Bazar area near the office of Dalim Member, there was a fierce clash between two parties over establishing their dominance, leaving one person injured with bullets.

On information, police rushed in and arrested Hamid from the spot. However, he was released on bail.

Investigation revealed that a big organised gang, including Rakib alias Gui, son of Shamsul Haque of Masimpur, Noman, son of Nasur Ullah, Loha Shaheen, son of Haji Mozammel of Kaladi village, are controlling the underworld of Rupganj under the patronage of Emdadul.

Officer-in-charge of Rupganj Police Station Dipak Chandra Saha said the law enforcement agencies are always alert to criminals. “We’ll arrest any terrorists, no matter who they are,” he said.

Narayanganj Superintendent of Police Golam Mostafa Russel said no terrorist will be spared. “We’ve arrested all the terrorists, all listed ones in Rupganj upazila and brought them under the law. If anyone stays beyond this, they’ll also be arrested,” he said.

Additional Inspector General of the Police Headquarters Enamul Haque Sagar said there is no scope of sparing criminals. “We have zero tolerance in this regard. We’re working to bring criminals under law as soon as possible,” he said.

Golam Dastagir Gazi has been called several times and text messages have also been sent through his mobile phone for his comments. However, he did not respond.

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