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Audon Awan Mallick

Shadow of Rain

News Desk
News Desk
Update: Monday, September 25, 2023

Companion of snow,how pure you are!Resurrection of lake,pass through the beauty of river;Dreadful thirst dies for the peaceful of nation,Between plants and animals human can move on.


Alike earth,Titan has the blessing of god.Between planet has a distant view,Ecosystem receives the pitter-patter precipitation;Dawn to dark daylight’s warm

As plants sweat for transpiration.

And birth of cloud commences for the runoff in nature

After shield of disease quash in the surface ground.

Thou merciful Indra call the land of sleep,

Toxic flood wakes for other energy disease.

Father Zeus  acidic ashes cause burning gift;

For the multicolor arc losing its faith.

Again treasure of land pass through extinct,

Like a hidden Zealandia,like a dying Euphrates.

And so it shall be,

And so it shall be.

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