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imo Audio-Video Chat now safer than any time with ‘Block Screenshot for Calls’ feature

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Update: Thursday, November 24, 2022

Instant audio-video call and messaging app imo has recently introduced a new feature ‘Block Screenshot for Calls’ with a view to offering enhanced privacy protection and ensuring cyber security for the users.

With the increasing internet penetration in the country, healthy online space and cyber security are becoming an issue of concern. Many people nowadays become victims of different cyber offences like cyberstalking, cyberbullying, blackmailing and threatening. Sometimes offenders also record or take images without consent just to misuse those for personal gains. To offer protection from such offences and help the users protect their privacy, imo has come up with ‘Block Screenshot for Calls’ feature for its users.

“Block Screenshot for Calls” is a privacy protection feature which has been designed to offer strong protection against screenshot and recording on user’s video and audio call. When this feature on imo is enabled, offenders cannot take screenshots and do screen/audio recordings during video and audio calls, offering greater security to the users. For Android, once the feature is activated on a device, the interface of the recorded video call will automatically turn black, and screenshot during the video call will also be disabled. In addition, during both audio and video calls, users will receive alert notifications immediately if anyone attempts to record the audio.
To enable this feature, go to ‘Settings – Privacy – Block Screenshots for Calls’ and then apply to all contacts. Users can apply this to specific contact as well simply by going to the chat page with specific contact, find the feature “Block Screenshots for Calls” and then apply to that specific contact. To make this feature effective, participants from both the ends need to use the updated version of the imo app.

This feature will help raise awareness about privacy protection among users and comes with lots of benefits for the users including protection of privacy while using the app and reduced possibility of cyberbullying and other forms of cyber-crimes. This feature can specifica¬¬lly be handy for women and technologically vulnerable people, who are often subjected to different kinds of cybercrimes.

imo has already started rolling out this feature globally for users with version 2022.09.1031 and above on Android. iOS users will also be able to enable this feature on their phones very soon.

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