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Care for Use of Air Conditioner

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Update: Monday, April 17, 2023

Care for Use of Air Conditioner
Currently, the use of air conditioner or AC for heating in our country is increasing day by day. Along with this, fire or accidents are also increasing due to AC explosion. The main reason for this does not know the rules for using AC properly. Therefore, those who have air conditioners in their homes or offices should be careful in using them. So, basic idea about air conditioner cares be taken from this article.
Care of air conditioner explosion are:-
There are certain rules and regulations for the use and maintenance of air conditioners. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of why the AC explodes, what causes the AC to fail. Let’s find out what the reasons can be.
• Electrical high voltage may stress the AC compressor and cause explosion.
• Use of combustible gas in AC compressor can also cause AC explosion.
• Even if the AC equipment gets hot, the AC may explode due to overheating.
• If there is any problem in the wiring while installing the AC in the office or at home, such an accident will be faced.
• If there is a blockage somewhere in the compressor pipe inside the AC, high pressure is creating which can cause the compressor to explode.
• Many times AC problem may occur if AC switch is on during lightning.
• Another major cause of AC accidents is lack of maintenance. That is why it is important to maintain the AC properly.
Precautions to be take while using AC:
There are several steps to take to protect the air conditioner from these damages and explosions.
• Clean the air filter of the air conditioner regularly so that no dirt can block it. This task should be done once every month.
• AC fan, coil, condenser filter should be cleaned regularly.
• AC cannot be kept on continuously for long periods of time.
• AC unit or fan may accumulate dirt, so it should be cleaned properly.
• Have a technician check if there is any blockage in the AC pipe.
• Low electrical voltage in the house can cause serious damage to the AC. So before installing AC, you must check the electrical voltage of the house.
• Good quality circuit breaker should be used at home to avoid high voltage.
• Proper quality air conditioner should be purchased according to the size of the room.
• It is better not to run AC during rain or thunder.
• If the AC is switched off for a long time, the AC should be checked and switched on by a good service expert before switching it on.
In order to use the air conditioner for a long time and to avoid any accidents, it must be maintained in the right way and operated with caution.

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