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Energypac aspires to lead Mobility Revolution in Collaboration with Chinese automaker giant JAC

News Desk
News Desk
Update: Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Representative from Energypac accustomed to green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing process during their short visit at the Chinese automaker giant JAC factory in China.

JAC Motors Xingang factory situated on the banks of the Paihe River is a worldwide model of intelligent and green manufacturing processes covering a combined area of 123,000 sq. m. which employs the
latest advanced craft, energy saving and environmental protection protocols. The plant is equipped with two fully-automated press lines plus 38 other production lines completing various other tasks, 12
stamping robots, and a state-of-the-art fire detection and alarm system. It also has an automated cleaning, oiling, and transportation system to ensure the highest quality of manufacturing. The
technologies used in the factory are designed to improve efficiency, quality and safety. The wireless communication system in the plant allows for real-time data collection and analysis, which helps to identify and resolve problems quickly.

Energypac started partnership with JAC motors as the only sole distributor in Bangladesh back in 2006 and started assembling light commercial and double cabin pickups in 2014 at their state-of-the-art
Energypac industrial park located in Gazipur. In continuation of the development, Energypac aims to bring JAC Motor’s most advanced technologies and the latest and most innovative products in the
automotive industry to the Bangladeshi market. Their recent visit to this most advanced manufacturing factory was part of this effort. The team from Energypac was impressed with the level of sophistication
and innovation that JAC has been dynamically bringing together and meticulously integrating at the
manufacturing capacity. They were able to observe first-hand the advanced manufacturing techniques,

which have allowed them to produce high-quality vehicles that meet the demands of the global market. Commenting on the visit, S M Jashim Uddin, CBO of Energypac’s Motor Vehicle Division, said, "Our
recent visit to JAC Motor’s manufacturing factory was an eye-opener. We were impressed with the level of technology and innovation that they have adopted in line with the global automotive industry
dynamics. We are excited about the possibility of bringing these advancements to Bangladesh. We believe that our partnership with JAC will be a game-changer for the promising automobile industry in
our country." JAC Motors started its journey in May 1964 in Hefei, Anhui Province, China. With more than 64 countries
the global automaker established its strong footprint worldwide. Energypac's commitment to providing the best possible solutions to its customers has made them one of the most trusted names in Bangladesh. Through the visit, Energypac is poised to raise the bar even higher. The company is
confident that its customers will benefit greatly from the latest and most advanced technologies in the automotive industry.

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