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Sakhawat Hossain playing a unique role in creating employment

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News Desk
Update: Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sakhawat Hossain is a well-known entrepreneur and personality in the country’s printing press sector and computer hardware industry. He has been doing business with Sofa for the past 6 years and is establishing new businesses to create employment.

Sakhawat Hossain was born in a noble Muslim family in Daganbhuya upazila of Feni district. At the beginning of his working life, he started the computer hardware accessories business in Motijheel, Dhaka. Then there was no looking back. They started new businesses one by one. Get success by investing in various businesses including setting up printing presses, super market places, paper business.

This prominent entrepreneur is responsible for SH Trade International, SH Trite Printing Press and SH Shopping Mall. He is also a sponsor of the MN International Trade Center, the nation’s largest computer hardware retailer.
Mr. Sakhawat says of his business, I am the founder of two famous industries in Bangladesh.

I established “SH Bright Printing Press” in Motijheel, Dhaka in 2017 with the aim of establishing vibrant images and flawless printing. The purpose was where my dream would be established and some people would get employment. Today it is a large printing industry.
Getting ready every day at my printing press Diary, bank cheques, money receipts, various company pads, magazines, books, brochures, calendars, newspapers etc. Printed related materials are imported from China, Thailand, Malaysia. 35 workers work daily in my company.

Also I have another business called “S H Trade International” in Motijheel, Dhaka. It aims to deliver the best technology products to the people of the country. It is a reputed importer and trusted distributor of popular wholesale and retail products. all kind of Desktop, Laptop, and Computer Accessories are My Company Products. those products are import from several countries including China, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan. S H Trade International have 11 employees working daily in this company. I have a three storied commercial building named “S H Shopping Mall” in Feni Sadar Police Station. Which is established on 8 khata land. I was built it for the convenience of people to shop comfortably and safely.

For professional reasons, this businessman has traveled to different countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, saudi arabia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

According to top entrepreneur Shakhawat Hussain, a movement-free political-economic environment is essential for industrialization. For this, all industrial entrepreneurs, politicians have to work sincerely.

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